So SPX 2013 happened and it was wonderful?!?
Claire, Chloe, Tara, and I shared a half-table in I block, which meant we could take 2 hr shifts behind the table & spend the rest of the time wandering the floor! This was the first time most of us had tabled such a large show, so getting to stretch our legs & see our friends once in awhile really kept things from getting too overwhelming.
That’s our black & gold table (and my torso!!) in the bottommost picture.

The Martin featured in the comics above is Martin Swift, a local friend of ours who managed to garner a fair amount of attention with just the power of his butt.

Also seen above is Annie Mok, a wonderful cartoonist/artist/illustrator friend who I got to see briefly- & talk doc martens with- on the SPX floor.

These are just a handful of moments from last weekend- pt2 of my SPX comics will go up next week!! Till then, thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, chatted with us, or bought anything- you made the weekend really & truly great. <3

I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair this weekend with all my leftover comics & prints, after which everything will go into my online store! 

~stay tuned~

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