Here’s some of the things I will have with me at SPX (Table I11A!)

- Someone’s PC, a 16 page zine of Pokemon illustrations printed on fancy fancy cardstock (edition of 50!)
- 11” x 17” GIMME PIZZA poster prints
- A handful of You Know What They Say, my 6 page Memory Anthology comic
- TRANSFORM! my teeny tiny magical girl mini
- Two 8.5” x 11” Teen Wolverine screenprints

& I’m debuting a new mini, An Itty Bitty Summoning!! I’m printing today so I don’t have pictures, but here’s a page from the beginning of the book.
EDIT: whoop nope that one isn’t happening!! I ran into major printing troubles- who knew printing at the last minute was such a hassle? (I knew)

ALSO buttons, some 5.5 x 8.5 monster girl prints not pictured here, and a bright pink & yellow ~mystery screenprint~ and a whole load of other goodies by Tara Helfer, Chloe Newman, and Claire Sullivan. 


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