FINALLY these babies are all set and ready to go!

FOR CONTRIBUTORS IN THE US: Just pay for shipping! Send $3 via paypal to nameofthemoonzine @ gmail. Make sure you let me know what piece you contributed and your address!

FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN THE US: To cover materials and printing costs (this zine is 112 pages long!) I will be charging $3 for the zines. So send $6 via paypal to nameofthemoonzine @ gmail, and don’t forget your address. Any extra money I make on sales will go in a fund for the third issue (sneak peak, it’s gunna be in color!)

FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Send me a message with your address either on tumblr or by email and I’ll give you a shipping quote.

I have a piece in this zine! There’s some pretty rad stuff in there. <3 

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    i wanna be in this
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    Yeah, SAILOR MOON ZINES!! I just messaged them to get my copy!
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    preview pic, ahh~ I must buy this soon.
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    AAAAAA THIS LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL so many rad comix homies are a part of this can’t wait to buy a copy (* ´◡` *) everybody...
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    I have art on this!
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    What Meeks said. My art is also in there too!
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    Eee I’ve been enjoying my copy (thank you, Hamlet!)—which has been especially timely, considering I’m making Kat watch...
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