I had a table at the Pittsburgh Indie Comics Expo yesterday!

Here are all my sketches from throughout the day, featuring a bunch of people who stopped by my table- including two very sincerely excited [EDIT] young artists!! not teens!! [EDIT] who had never been to an indie comics show before (hope you guys had fun!!!) and a very wide-eyed lady in a giant leopard print faux fur coat.

It was a good day.

My Hourlies from The-Day-After-Hourly-Comic Day are up - they’re super late, but I couldn’t spare the time to finish putting them together until last night! So here you go - February 2nd and the Grant Adventure!! Just because I had a really sedentary day doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting (and exhausting).

Epilogue: I submitted that grant in the morning, and it wasn’t terrible.